Costa Rica SHB

Our lightest, smoothest coffee roasted right here in Dayton's historical Oregon District.  This coffee makes a great everyday cup for any standard coffee machine. Or take it to the next level with a pour over, French press, or Aeropress method.

"SHB" or Strictly Hard Bean lets you know this high altitude Costa Rican is a winner.  Our Co-op production Tarrazu really screams classic Costa . Bright citrus and floral balanced with a very chocolaty undertone.  This is the best example of a classic Costa Rican coffee.

In Costa Rica, the grade of coffee is determined by the hardness of the bean, a factor which is dictated by the altitude at which the beans are grown. The highest-grade coffee is labeled Strictly Hard Bean or SHB and is reserved for coffee grown above 3,900 feet (approx. 1,200 meters). It is estimated that nearly 95% of beans grown in the Tarrazú region fall under the SHB category.

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