Guatemala Finca La Pila Single Estate
Guatemala Finca La Pila Single Estate

Guatemala Finca La Pila Single Estate

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Rainforest Alliance Certified Honey Processed Guatemala Single Estate sourced from Finca La Pila in Nueva Santa Rosa.

Notes of Chocolate, Citrus, and Roasted Almond.  This one is perfectly Guatemalan, and represents the benefits of buying single estate coffees.


About the Producer Rodolfo Garcia

After years of living and working in the U.S., Rodolfo Garcia decided to return to his native Guatemala and join his brother who was farming coffee. Rodolfo bought a piece of land located in Aldea Santa Ana, La Montaña, Nueva Santa Rosa. With high hopes of finding prosperity, he adopted his brother's best practices and applied them to his farm, Finca La Pila.

Seeking better prices Rodolfo designated a portion of his farm to be Rainforest Alliance Certified (RFA), something that helped him be differentiated from the local market. His vision then led him on experimental trials with Naturals and Honey Process coffees. He failed at first, but he persisted and continued to perfect and practice his methods.

Finca La Pila has participated in regional competitions for almost 5 years now. Rodolfo has won awards in the top three places every year he has competed. Rodolfo also participated in CoE and Blockchain auctions, which opened markets for him internationally. Recently, Rodolfo joined our Genuine Orgins' Volcafe Way program and who are helping him become even more productive and more profitable.